Spotlight Water Flosser

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Spotlight Water Flosser will improve your dental health and achieve a cleaner, fresher mouth. The Water Flosser will remove bacteria from below the gum line where traditional brushing and flossing cannot reach. The Water Flosser is suitable for people with braces , bridges , implants, crowns and periodontal pockets. Also suitable for anyone who wants a cleaner , fresher mouth.

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Improve your dental health and achieve a cleaner, fresher mouth with Spotlight Oral Care Water Flosser. Utilising a combination of water and pressure and various pulsations , this water pressure and various pulsations, this Water Flosser removes bacteria from deep between the teeth and below the gum line where traditional brushing and flossing cannot reach, whilst stimulating gums to improve circulation.

Ideal for cleaning around dental bridges , braces, implants and crowns. It improves gum health by reducing bacteria below the gumline. The Water Flosser offers a more gentle alternative to traditional floss and helps to reduce inflammation and bleeding gums.

  • Extend the tank to the black line.
  • Fill the tank with lukewarm water and close the seal shut.
  • Choose your Water Flosser tip.
  • Place the tip onto the top of the Water Flosser and click it in to secure.
  • Change the tip at any time by pressing the release button at the back of the device.
  • To floss , place the tip inside your mouth, lean over the sink and turn the unit on.
  • Turn the Water Flosser on by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds.
  • Move between speed setting by pressing the power button once.
  • Aim the tip at the gum line and work your way from your back teeth towards your front teeth, spraying water along the gum line. Floss both front and back of each tooth, pausing briefly between each tooth.
  • Partially close your mouth to minimise water splashing, letting the water flow out of your mouth into the sink.
  • You may need to refill the water flosser tank more than once during use while you become familiar with using the flosser.

Remove the cover at the back of the water flosser to reveal the charging area. plug in for 6 hours to charge battery fully. The light at the front of the water flosser will turn from red to green when the device is fully charged.

  • Water pressure of 80-160 PSI
  • Easy to fill, 190ml water tank.
  • Includes 4 various tips – tongue scraper, orthodontic spray tip, periodontal pocket sprinkler , classic jet tip.
  • 3 operating modes – normal/soft/pulse to suit individual needs.
  • It will remember your last chosen mode.
  • Ergonomically designed with a 360 rotating nozzle making it super easy to use.
  • Compact, cordless and rechargeable making it super easy to carry anywhere with you.